CLE Transportation Company is a local leader in consolidation warehousing. We utilize company owned assets to deliver smaller size shipments from a number of suppliers and combine them into larger, more economical, shipping loads intended for the same geographical area. Such warehousing and consolidation results in lower warehousing and shipping costs for all customers. The concept calls for multiple customers to combine their volume LTL output into just a few consolidation warehouses instead of placing product in corporate distribution centers or individual public warehouses. In addition to consolidated warehousing CLE Transportation Company can operate your dedicated distribution center with expert precision so you can focus your time and capital on managing and expanding your business. To minimize cost and maximize efficiency CLE Transportation Company provides a one-stop resource for comprehensive transportation, short and long term warehousing and a single point consolidation.

Value-added Warehousing Related Services:

  • Consolidation
  • Cross Docking
  • Distribution
  • Document Preparation and Inventory Management
  • Deconsolidation