When your shipping project requires the smoothest ride and most careful handling possible, our Logistics Division will give you peace of mind. CLE Transportation Company is committed to providing you with best possible solutions requiring air ride, blanket wrap logistics and special handling. With hard work, attention to detail and the absolute best possible customer service, CLE Transportation Company can provide you with:

  • Air ride suspension vans
  • Interior Decking to utilize maximum van space
  • E-track logistics posts for locking your freight in position
  • Special Equipment: Pads, 2 wheel carts, dollies, straps, tie-offs, sill plates, walk boards, floor protection
  • Humidity and temperature controlled equipment
  • Debris Removal
  • "Load to ride" service to ensure the least possible handling of your delicate freight
  • Drop trailer for extended loading time
  • Value added volume LTL blanket wrap service
  • Convention Center loading and delivery service with guaranteed return service
  • "Exclusive Use" shipping
  • Guaranteed and appointment based delivery service

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