CLE Transportation Company provides a complete range of partial load and truckload services even during peak shipping periods. In addition to standard transit time shipments CLE Transportation Company assists its customers in time-critical services as well. CLE Transportation Company records one of the highest success rates for on-time deliveries and it is recognized as “Above and Beyond” carrier meeting numerous “just in time” requirements. In addition we offer guaranteed service throughout the United States. One of the main contributing factors in this success rate is our belief in empowering hard working people, direct owner involvement, maximum asset investments and our support of combined effort to solve your real time shipping problems. This successfully translates into more flexibility to give you a custom solution at the most reasonable cost. Any size, handling requirement, destination, delivery time.

Guaranteed Delivery Times for Expedited Shipments:

  • Next day by 5 pm transit time delivery
  • Next day by Noon transit time delivery
  • Next day by 9 am transit time delivery
  • Affordable customized time deliveries including appointment based and exclusive use shipments.

To request specific rates or make arrangements for guaranteed full and partial truck load shipments please contact Igor by email at or at 419-433-6200.

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